Ongoing Search Engine Optimization – may include but is not limited to:

On Page Optimization: On Page Optimization includes writing new properly optimized content to be posted to the site.  This content adheres to all the best practices such as: proper keyword density, keyword in the title, keyword in alt tags, proper keyword data in meta-tags, etc.  If you so desire and provide back-end access to the site, we will post this content for you after your team has reviewed and approved such content for posting.

In many cases we determine that we simply need to optimize what already exists instead of writing a new piece of content.  We will either provide our recommendations on how to improve existing on page content and with your approval implement those changes or simply ensure changes made by your team adhere to all of our recommendations/best practices.

Off Page Optimization: Not all backlinks are equal and you will never find us promise “x” number of backlinks since that has little value to you or the end goal of ranking.  What we do provide are quality backlinks that come from blogs; these specifically talk about the keyword we’re trying to optimize for, utilize the keyword as the anchor text, and link back specifically the article we want to rank for that keyword.  We highly believe in a sustainable approach to backlinks and thus believe in the control of those backlinks.  When Google makes a change to how they view backlinks with an algorithm update, we can alter our approach and make changes to all of the backlinks we’ve previously developed for you.  This is how our clients have not only become successful, but remain the incumbent winner in their associated spaces.

Toxic Backlink Removal: We will initially look for and then continually monitor for toxic backlinks coming from unfavorable backlink neighborhoods, and when discovered we will go through the process of disavowing them.  We have largely streamlined the disavow process by continually developing our own software since the announcement of Google’s Disavow Tool.  Our tool helps locate toxic backlinks, requests the site to remove them, automatically checks in one week to see if removal has occurred, and then submits a report to Google if they haven’t removed said backlinks to officially disavow them.  This documented process is required by Google to disavow toxic backlinks.  This process can be exceptionally time-consuming if done manually.  Our tool does much of the heavy lifting, but we combine human intelligence to ensure that ONLY bad links are removed for the best possible results.

Social Signal Development: Social signals are beginning to have a significant impact on SEO, and that’s why when we post a new piece of content for a client we develop social signals to that content.  This activity is completed through our social signal network that tweets, +1s, and shares the content.  We take a much more gradual approach with existing content as Google would view many social signals about an old piece of content as unnatural.

Weekly Meetings: We believe that we should have weekly meetings with our clients. SEO may take time, but we don’t believe that our objectives/tasks should take any longer than they need to.  By having regular meetings with us you can keep us accountable, and we’ll keep you and your team accountable for the action items that need to take place.  In these meetings we will also be going over reports of the progress of the campaign, and consistently share with you the results of our relationship.

Our SEO Ethics

We believe in white hat SEO, but actually take our ethics a step further; we pass everything we do through a simple litmus test.

There are five questions that must be answered of things we think, say, or do:

  • Is it the TRUTH?
  • Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  • Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
  • Is it the RIGHT thing to do?

We will not engage in underhanded marketing techniques or black hat SEO techniques, nor we will work with companies involved with adult themes, gambling, or activities which we consider morally questionable, or that may exploit anyone.