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Email Marketing Calendar Template

Begin seamlessly planning, creating, and tracking your email marketing efforts with this useful template. Feel free to customize it to best fit your needs!

This template includes:

  • Year Overview

  • Tabs for each Quarter

  • Planning Section for every email

  • Content Creation Section for every email

  • Tracking and Reporting Section for every email

You can start planning your email marketing with ease with this free Email Marketing Calendar Template. This template makes planning, creating, and sending emails to your customers, clients and stakeholders more efficient and helps you make sure you don’t miss any details in the process.

We at Inbound Studio find this template makes our process of planning, creating, and tracking emails flow easily. We especially like that it allows us to keep all of the important details for each email in one central location. The document is segmented enough to keep us focused on every email, each month without having to keep up with and organize separate files for every month. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!