About Our Web Design And Marketing Company
Do you feel like your business is getting overlooked by

We’re here to change that. Our full-service marketing and website design company
makes your brand more than just a face in the crowd. Learn more about our company
to understand how and why we do what we do. Then, give us a call to begin your own
journey toward a more profitable, productive future.

Our History

Years ago, our team established Inbound Studio LLC with a core mission: make small and mid-sized businesses more successful through smarter design
and a fully-loaded Inbound Marketing Methodology.

We wanted to be a website design and marketing company that truly made a difference – rather than just throwing the same strategies and solutions out
there. We’ve since become a leader in small business branding services. Inbound Studio strives to provide premiere technology, branding, and marketing to
clients throughout the Twin Cities area and beyond.

Our history reflects a dedication to continuous improvement. We’ve hired top-tier custom website designers, php web developers, BigCommerce experts,
and others to bolster our team’s skills. We eventually grew to offer:

Content creation

customization and

JavaScript app

Digital video

web development

Internet marketing

At Inbound Studio, we aren’t interested in short-term solutions. We’re ready to give you strategies and fixes that last.

Inbound Studio Values

Our morals and goals guide each of our efforts. We’ve always been committed to serving our local community by volunteering and
leading. Today, we lend our services to a variety of clients and organizations to help with growth and prosperity.

We’re not just a branding agency. We’re a team of driven, experienced professionals, and we’re always working to improve the Inbound
Studio experience.

Every day, we strive to:

Be fair and

Grow from
our mistakes

Learn something

Make our services
even better

When you hire our branding and marketing services, you’re hiring team members who are trained to put your best interests first. Always. Trust
that we’ll be upfront and honest with you. You’ll never have to worry about surprise fees or hidden motives.

Marshall Owner & Solution Architect


Owner & Solution Architect

We’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about the man who made our web design agency
what it is today. Inbound Studio’s owner, Marshall, has more than 15 years of
experience across sales, technology, marketing, finance, and business analysis. He
continuously seeks to understand what makes an organization unique – and how
technology can meet their specific goals.

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If Inbound Studio’s owner believes in one thing, it’s that improvements can always
be made. He pushes his website designers, developers, and marketers to seek
opportunities and challenge everything.

Ready to conquer the digital space?
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