Bigcommerce Development Process

Customized Functions and


Powerful, customized solutions with BigCommerce – do more than the average eCommerce site. BigCommerce is an excellent business platform, but run-of-the-mill themes won’t cut it. You need specific strategies that promote your business’s growth against competitors.

At Inbound Studio, we differentiate your website from thousands of others with
tailor-made APIs, themes, and features. Don’t settle for mediocre – take your online
store to that next level with our help.

The Importance of

BigCommerce Customization

Your eCommerce website is your brand’s face. If you want to impress shoppers, you’ll need a BigCommerce website design that’s mobile-friendly and unique to your style. Our designers will build you a dynamic storefront that instantly grabs visitors’ attention. At
the same time, we’ll ensure that your BigCommerce store design is indicative of your brand’s image and personality.

Why customization matters:

You’ll attract
more visitors

Special designs
set you apart

Unique websites =
memorable websites

UX Research and

BigCommerce Store Design

If you’re serious about online success, you need a designer who understands what customers really want. Cookie-cutter BigCommerce website templates don’t win over faithful followers, but highly optimized, engaging stores do.

Let us bring a new level of performance to your site by:

Learning about
your target audience

Optimizing your
site layout

Designing a store that
fits your brand goals

Accessibility and

ADA Compliance

Is your BigCommerce website 100% accessible to all customers? “Almost” compliant with ADA regulations isn’t good enough. We’ll optimize your site for a variety of accessibility features, including smart navigation and voice commands. We’re in the era of inclusivity – now’s the time to make sure you’re not excluding any website visitors.

Aspects of Accessibility and ADA Compliance:

Alt tag descriptions
for images

Text transcriptions for
video/audio content

Navigation solutions for
disabled visitors

easy-to-manage layouts

Why Choose

Inbound Studio?

There are many businesses out there offering BigCommerce development services. Why should you choose to work with Inbound
Studio? For three reasons:

We make your life simpler,
not more complicated - even
with added customizations

Our creative designs
have no bounds

We’re all about
lightning-fast solutions and
seamless brand experiences

Looking for a BigCommerce website designer?

Give us a call at (651) 317-2181 or reach out online. We’re ready to eradicate any limits on your designs and development.