PHP Development
When you need strong website development solutions, turn to
the language that has fueled household brands like Facebook, Wikipedia, and Slack.


Full-cycle PHP development services give your website that much-needed
competitive edge. Switch to low levels of interdependence and high levels of
functionality and productivity.

Our PHP development company provides custom design, refinement, and testing
services for businesses in various industries. We’ll significantly speed up your
wireframing stage and quickly assemble the perfect website for your brand.

What Is


The short answer: PHP is an open-source programming language that powers up to 80 percent of the web, including many of the social media
sites you use on a daily basis. This language is as suited for web development as biscuits are for gravy. It can even be embedded into your
website’s HTML.

Talk to our Inbound Studio professionals to learn about different types of PHP and what this programming language can do for your website.


Laravel: it’s the elegant language of web artisans, painting
with their digital brushes in expressive strokes. Our custom
PHP development team uses Laravel to take the pain out of
website development. Advanced PHP technologies allow us
to make dull, common tasks even easier.


Today’s websites must be able to store data safely and securely. That’s why
it’s key to have a data storage expert in your corner. At Inbound Studio, we
specialize in MariaDB – the open source cousin of MySQL – but we know
that one solution doesn’t fit all. Maybe you need Redis caching on redundant
AuroraDB systems or your CMS needs a shared MySQL database to host
content. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.



So, you have a hosted website that’s been created by a PHP web development
company. The next step? Implementing version control that protects your data
and ensures smooth updates. At Inbound Studio, we organize and unit test
code with a team of experts. This allows us to keep your content updated and
patched, as well as nip unforeseen bugs in the bud.

Using Git, we ensure seamless integration of additional developers and testers,
as well as improvement in the ability to deliver quality results every time – no
cowboy coding here! With version control, quality review processes, and
automation, we save time and prevent stiches.

PHP Consulting


Ever wish you had a little web expert in your pocket, guiding you through
architecture and quality changes? Well, now you can have just that – Inbound
Studio serves as an expert PHP consulting partner.

We provide hands-on guidance to ensure your website runs without a hiccup using
future-proof structures and testable features. Not only will our PHP development
company identify system issues, we’ll notify you instantly if we discover any site
vulnerabilities. With us in your pocket, preparing a scalability plan and defense
tactics is easier than ever.

Why Choose

Inbound Studio?

Whether you want to dip your toe in the waters of programming languages or tackle advanced PHP programming, we are your partner. Our
reputation as a leading PHP development company precedes us, and we do everything in our power to live up to our public reputation.

When you work with our PHP web developers, you receive:


Access to improvements
and integration features


Continuous maintenance
and support


web designs


PHP-based e-commerce

All in all, we prioritize expertise, thought, and total competency.
Contact us online to learn more about PHP development, or call (651) 317-2181.