Are your sales and marketing organizations aligned?

Maximize your investment in Sales Automation and Contact Relationship Management (CRM) systems and ensure that your Marketing dollars are well spent!

Inbound Studio will work with you to configure your CRM to align with how you want to connect with your customers. Know who they are, how they buy, and how to best support them. We help automate each interaction so your customers know they are your highest priority.

CRMs are designed to provide process automation and sophisticated analytics that help maximize your marketing spend and support your sales team.  Many companies don’t enjoy the full potential because they haven’t configured their CRM accurately. Sales people easily become frustrated and see it as a data entry burden rather than a tool to increase their success.

Inbound Studio will help you leverage the power of your CRM by integrating it your sales process, improving data integrity, and supporting unique customer needs. From there, your Marketing team can see the results of marketing campaigns and measure each initiative against the goals for delivering qualified leads, closing deals, and achieving maximum customer retention.

We work with Sales and Marketing leadership to deliver insights into sales performance, marketing effectiveness, and improve their ability to forecast future revenue.

Inbound Studio even helps create simple forms and Sales training to define quality data and improve productivity. In some cases, we can even help you write policies and procedures so there is no confusion about how to use the CRM and what is expected at every level for best results.

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