Activities You Can Do At Home

We understand that being cooped up at home for days can get…well… boring. You feel like you’re running out of ideas of things to do around the house and can’t think of anything else to keep your family entertained. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of ideas for you! Maybe you’ve already done a few, and maybe there are some you haven’t thought of yet. We hope you find some of these things to do while at home fun and enjoyable!

Do an impromptu photo session

Do an Impromptu Photo Session

What better way to pass the time than with a photo session? Get the whole family in on it and preserve these memories forever!

Play a Board Game

Pass the time with a fun board game! Give your eyes a break from the screens, gather your family together, and have a friendly competition.

play a board game

bake bread

Try Making Homemade Bread

Baking bread isn’t really that hard, and it takes a while to make from start to finish. Try out baking your own bread at home and see if you like it more than what you get at the store or local bakery. You might be surprised!

Go on a Nature Walk

Take a break from feeling stuck indoors and take a walk (while practicing social distancing of course). Walking outside or through the woods will leaving you feeling refreshed, plus it’s nice to have a change of scenery every now and then.

Do a home project

Do a Home Project

Do you have any projects around the house you’ve been meaning to get around to but haven’t had the time? Or maybe you have a few projects you started but was never able to finish? Nows the time to get it done! Doing a home project can be fun and rewarding.

Read a Book (Or Write One Yourself!)

Reading a good book is always one of my favorite ways to pass time. Find a book at home that sounds good, and if you don’t have one in your house that sounds interesting try ordering one online. Grab that book and a nice cup of coffee or tea and get ready to read!

read a book


Perfect Your Grilling Skills

Take this extra time to work on perfecting your grilling skills. Who knows? You might find the next best way to make a killer hamburger.

Skype with Friends

You may not be able to meet up with friends right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch with them. Take advantage of the technology around us and Skype or Facetime with your friends and family. See how they are doing and what they do each day to pass the time. They may have some good ideas too!

Skype with friends

learn something new

Learn Something New

At Inbound Studio, one of our guiding principles is to always keep learning. During this time of having extra time, why not learn something new?! You could learn a new language, how to draw, how to bake a cake, how to whistle, and so much more.

Write a Song

Writing a song is always fun! Just pick a topic or muse and get creative. In fact, our very own Marshall wrote a song last week. (You can check it out here!)

Write a Song

Play with pets

Play with Pets

If you have any pets, this could be a great time to play with them and spend some extra time with them. You could even try to train them to do a new trick!

Write a Letter

Mix things up a bit from the usual texts and emails and write a letter. You could write one to send to a close friend or family member, or even write a letter for your future self to open in 5 years.

write a letter

A few Additional Ideas

Here are a few more ideas of things you can do while stuck at home:

  • Put together a puzzle
  • Reconnect with long distance friends
  • Call someone
  • Take a break from social media and video chat with a friend instead
  • Look at maps and use them to plan a road trip for in the future
  • Draw a self portrait
  • Create your own custom board game or card game

We hope you found some of these ideas helpful. If you have any others, we’d love for you to let us know!

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