We know sometimes you need more than an extra cup of coffee to get enough ideas brewing to fill out your content calendar, especially when trying to plan and have content ideas throughout the entire year. If you’re finding it challenging to complete your content calendar, look no further! We have tips and ideas to help you fill in those empty days with content your target audience will love.

What do they want to see?

The first, and often best, way to creating content ideas is to consider what your target audience wants. Think about what matters most to your target audience and what content will be helpful to them in their buyer journey. Think of topics that will be informative for your target audience and will drive engagement with your brand. To learn more on how to create content that really matters to your customers, check out our blog post here.

Special Events Related to Your Products or Services

Another way to fill out your calendar is to take note of any special events, days, or months related to your products or services. This can be a great way to have a theme your content can follow surrounding the relevant event. For example, we provide website design and development services, so cyber security is important to us. Every year during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month we have some content related to the subject of cyber security. Do some research into different special events and time periods related to your business and see what great content you can create for it.

Common and Unique Holidays

If you still find that filling your content calendar is a challenge, you can always look for common and not-so-common holidays (like National Donut Day!). These unique days of celebration can provide you with some fun and creative content ideas. We have done research on many common and fun holidays and compiled them all together into a handy content ideas calendar just for you! You can download this content ideas calendar below and get those ideas brewing to complete your content calendar for 2020.


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