Our Story

Our founder, Marshall, desired to build a company that valued its clients and employees highly –even more so than Chick-fil-a does. (Is that possible? We are here to try to prove that it can be done.) On top of the value placed on clients and the Inbound Studio team, Marshall wanted to create a company that would help small businesses keep up with the challenges of technology in the business world. He saw a need and decided to fill it. From those desires Inbound Studio was born.

Who We Are

Inbound Studio was founded as a technology-first marketing company, with the philosophy of inbound marketing driving forward its mission. Much like our passion for serving our clients, inbound marketing’s focus is on personalizing the user’s experience to best meet their needs and to engage with your customers. Inbound marketing values personalized and relevant content that has value to your target market. Even though we are a technology company that strives to be consistently on the cutting edge, our core philosophies are built on time-tested principals.

We care about our clients. This means that we are looking to create long-term relationships with our clients based on services that drive real results. We are not interested in fads or in shady sales methods, only that which we truly believe is going to be in the best interest of our client. We strive to engage our clients in a win-win manner or accept that it isn’t going to be the right fit.

What We Do

Our mission is to lessen the load on small business owners when it comes to building a powerful online presence. We strive to help businesses use technology to effectively and efficiently spread their message to attract, convert, close and delight their customers. We do this using state of the art tools and processes, such as HubSpot, WordPress, Google, Hotjar, Moz, and Zoho.

We consult with our clients to understand their current business environment, their target market, and their messaging, identify gaps and areas for opportunity, and then work with them to close those gaps. We believe that the entire digital marketing effort of an organization needs to be aligned, and that leadership needs to buy into the process as well.

The activities we do every day are similar from organization to organization, but the content we produce, and the output of those activities are completely unique to the goals and mission of the organization. We work hard to make sure every businesses’ unique value proposition is clear and known among their target market.

Why We Do It

The convergence of technology and marketing is a fun and exciting space to be. It is always changing and improving and requires new tactics every day. It’s not that we just get bored doing other things, but that probably plays a part. Our first core philosophy is to Learn Every Day. We take this to heart as we engage with our clients, learn about their businesses, and learn how we can more effectively serve them with the latest gizmos and gadgets (and try to weed out those that don’t look like they’ll be effective long-term).

A Note from the Guy Who Started It All

“Improve or Die”

The underlying motivation behind founding Inbound Studio was the concept of Improve or Die. All businesses and organizations face change and must adapt to that change. As a technology driven marketing agency, this is even more true than most. Keeping up with technology is difficult even when you are paying attention, and we want to make it accessible to our clients who need to focus on their own industries’ change and growth. Keeping up with the many changes in the digital landscape can be time consuming for small business owners who need to focus on building their business. We work to ensure they stay with the times while still focusing on what’s most important – their customers.

We exist in a fiercely competitive industry, and one that is filled with fly-by-night charlatans and snake-oil salesmen. For this reason, our mission of providing value in all we do, combined with our win-win or no deal attitude, are competitive advantages.

Remote Employees

When starting Inbound Studio, I decided to invest in building a remote team. Technology has created the ability for us to run a company with employees whose only requirement is a good internet connection and a good place to focus. Our employees have found that this flexibility maximizes productivity, minimizes time spent disengaged “watching the clock,” and has created an overall more pleasant work-life experience. This allows us to streamline our operation and eliminate overhead that would typically be paid for by our clients. It also means that we can attract and retain employees from anywhere, meaning a larger pool of potential skills and talent for our clients, higher satisfaction and a better business model.

This doesn’t come without its challenges but working as a technology-first company means we are constantly evaluating our processes and technology to improve our sense of community, our culture, and keeping our employees connected. As always, we keep learning and keep improving

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