TikTok is all the rage right now – it’s not just for teens and college students. To give you an idea, TikTok
was downloaded 693 million times in 2019 and 850 million times in 2020. Currently, TikTok has over 1
billion active users
who use the platform monthly.

Nearly every brand and business is asking the same question – Should I be advertising or posting on
TikTok? Is that where my customers are? Is it worth the effort to produce content? You’re probably
wondering the same thing. Do you need a TikTok content strategy?

Tik Tok marketing has been somewhat of an enigma to professionals. Seeing what goes viral on the
platform is enough to stump even the most seasoned marketing experts. However, with such a large,
dedicated user base, Tik Tok is a platform many companies simply cannot ignore any longer.

In this post, we want to provide you with some crucial information to get started.

DO: Create a TikTok Business Account

TikTok has two different account types. You can open a creator account or a business account. So,
what’s the difference, and which do you need? While both accounts give you access to analytics and
performance insights, there are some key differences you need to know.

A TikTok professional account is a public, professional account that has access to the app’s entire
marketing suite of tools. This is for brands and businesses that are looking to really integrate a TikTok
content strategy into their marketing efforts. This is one of the biggest reasons you need a business
account. This package includes:

  • TikTok Analytics
  • TikTok ads
  • The Commercial Music Library of over a million licensed songs
  • The Business Creative Hub
  • Use of an e-commerce storefront
  • Ability to connect to Sprout Social
  • Ability to add a website link to your profile

With all these perks available for a business account, what do you do if you have a personal and not a
business account? Can you change or upgrade? Yes, you can.

Switching from a creator account to a business account for a TikTok strategy can be done in a few taps.
You can go to manage account and then just tap the Switch to Business Account option. Once you pick
the category for your business, you’re done. It’s as easy as that. Now you’ve opened up your business to
a wealth of new opportunities with TikTok marketing.

DON’T: Skip Your Profile Design

You might not think this is a big deal, but it is. DO NOT SKIMP ON THIS STEP. How you set up your profile
matters a lot in a TikTok strategy. You need to think about

  • Your photo
  • Your name
  • Your username
  • Your email
  • Your bio

Setting up your profile can be fun if you let it be. You want everything to revolve around your company,
its image, and its message. Be clear and consistent – nothing silly or goofy. You want potential customers
to see your profile and instantly view you as credible.

DO: Set Up an Auto Message as Part of Your TikTok Strategy

You don’t want your business to be left behind. It may seem like a small thing, but most professional
businesses have an auto-message response set up for when people DM them on TikTok.

This feature is available when you hit 1,000 followers. You should hit 1,000 followers once you start
publishing engaging posts in your TikTok content strategy.

This is something that people are looking for. When people reach out, they expect an immediate
response – not when you get back to the office. Now. In 2022, the world moves fast (and customers
move faster). You don’t get a second chance to engage with them.

If you use this function wisely in your TikTok marketing strategy, automated messages can help maintain
connections with your audience and provide a quick response. Above all else, you need to make sure
you have a good user experience in place. This is the most important piece of the puzzle.

DON’T: Skimp on Video Quality

This might sound obvious, but if you’re going to create a TikTok content strategy, you need to do it right.
Invest in a quality camera. If you cheap out here, audiences will realize it instantly. This could cost you
credibility –and any chance you have of utilizing TikTok marketing in any meaningful way.

What do the most watched videos all have in common? High quality, high-definition, and well produced.
TikTok’s algorithms take video quality into account. The majority of the highest-performing TikToks,
83.2% are in 720p or higher. Those videos have an average of 5.4% life in impressions.

But how do you create such high-quality videos?

  • Film in high resolution if possible
  • Use sound and music
  • Make it short and to the point…. although not too short
  • Film in full screen
  • Make your videos vertical

Your company and your brand message need to stand out in the sea of millions of videos. Make quality
content a staple of your TikTok strategy and you’ll reap the rewards.

DO: Research and Define Your TikTok Audience

TikTok is wildly successful mainly because of its carefully tailored algorithm. It’s different from
Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. It’s one of the most advanced algorithms out there at the moment.

It learns what you like and what you’re interested in based on your activity in the app. What exactly
does that mean though?

Well, if you watch a video and scroll away from it quickly, TikTok will make note of it and you won’t see
similar videos in the future. This also applies to videos you watch several times or even all the way
through. It’ll also note if you comment on something. That means you’ll see similar content in the

TikTok is able to learn a lot about its users with very few metrics. If you want to make the most of your
TikTok content strategy, you need to ensure you’re marketing to the right audience.

But how do you know you’re targeting the right audience with the perfect content? With your business
account, you can access TikTok Analytics which allows you to see everything about your audience,
enabling you to:

  • Break down audience demographics by gender and location
  • View their interests
  • See the hours and days when they’re most active
  • View what videos are most popular

A lot goes into creating a TikTok content strategy. With a business account, you’ll have all the tools at
your disposal to learn about your audience and how to target them.

The Next Step

If your company decides to have a TikTok content strategy, it’s important that you commit to the
platform and do it the right way. Don’t do it halfway. Do your research, complete your profile, and
create the highest quality content possible.

Inbound.Studio can help your company do the necessary research so you can put your best foot forward
with TikTok marketing. Our mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses be more efficient and
effective with their marketing technology.

We know how to be successful on TikTok – and we can help you too. Contact us and we’ll work with you
to formulate a plan so you can stand out from the crowd and put your content in front of a billion faces.

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