Have you ever seen a symbol and immediately knew what business it corresponded to? Or went to visit a store or restaurant with expectations as to what they would offer and what the experience would be like? That’s the power of brand consistency.

What does brand consistency mean?

Brand consistency is the keeping of your brand’s logo, name, design, messaging, and offerings consistent. This creates a pattern that helps your brand to stick in the minds of your customers – building strong brand awareness and brand retention.

Why does it matter?

So why should you focus on brand consistency? The results of creating this consistency lead to growth for your business. Your audience will recognize your business with minimal effort because they know what design and voice your brand carries. Customers will know exactly what to expect when interacting with your business because you’ve shown up consistently in your service, offerings, and the experience your brand provides each customer. Brand consistency helps to build trust and loyalty with your audience.

How do I create consistency in my branding?

Brand Guidelines

Creating a set of brand guidelines is the foundation for creating brand consistency. This can look like a document that outlines the following design guidelines:

  • Color palette
  • Logo and any alternative logos
  • How the logo can be used in designs
  • Fonts
  • Any specific brand design elements

Brand guidelines or branding standards provides a simple reference point for all employees and new hires to know and understand how to keep all business materials consistent with your brand.

Your Content and Messaging

Developing your content and messaging to carry a style and voice that is distinct to your brand will help your brand’s content to stand out to your audience and build trust. If you are the only one creating content for your business, then this can be done easily! Keep your brand’s voice and design in mind when creating content to keep things aligned with your brand.

If you have a team that contributes to the business’ content and marketing efforts, you will want to put something in place to define what your brand’s personality and voice is, what style of content goes with your brand, and so on. You can create guidelines around the brand’s voice and messaging or implement a review process to ensure all messaging is reviewed for consistency before being published.

As you move forward in creating content and materials for your business, how do you plan to keep your branding consistent?

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