With so many review sites out there, it might seem overwhelming to even think about getting reviews for your business. Which sites should you be on? Should you ask every customer for a review or not? Do you reply to each review? With so much to consider, it may seem tempting to just push it to the side and “save it for another day.” Avoid this temptation and feeling overwhelmed and instead embrace reviews and the power they can play in your business!

Reviews Help with Marketing

Reviews can help to build your business’ visibility and assist you in your marketing efforts. Your business’ reviews play a part in your search rankings, credibility, and trust with your audience.

Social Proof

The reviews your business receives can serve as social proof of your brand and the experience you provide customers. Social proof is a big determining factor for many potential customers when deciding whether to visit a business’s website or physical location. Studies have shown that on average 90% of customers will check online reviews before choosing to purchase from a business.

Builds Trust with Your Audience

Positive and even negative reviews can help to build trust with your target audience. This goes back to the social proof aspect. When people see that your business treats its customers well and, on average, customers are pleased with their experience, it helps new customers to know what to expect and to trust your business.

How can negative reviews help? By the way that you respond to them. You should always address negative reviews, and if you’re able to dedicate the time you should try to always respond to every review, positive or negative. When someone reads a negative review about your business, your response, and the way your business decides to handle the situation will speak volumes to your business’ character and how you value your customers. When done well, even these negative reviews can help to build trust with potential customers.

Helps in Search Rankings

Reviews can help your business’ search rankings too! Search engines take ratings and reviews into consideration when indexing sites, so those reviews you’re receiving can help you rank higher. As you begin to gain reviews for your business, be cautious in the temptation to try to acquire a LOT of reviews at one time. This can lead to search engines thinking your review tactics are spammy or unethical and can hurt your rankings. Your review building strategy should be centered on gaining honest reviews from actual customers.

Reviews Influence Purchase Decisions

Have you ever been on the search for a new restaurant to try? And one of the things you look at before choosing to go are the reviews? Or before trying a new product, you check out the reviews to see if it’s actually worth the purchase? I know I do.

Reviews can play a huge role in people’s purchase decisions, and studies have reported data to support this. Customers who read positive reviews about a business are more likely to purchase, with higher percentages showing trust and intent to purchase on businesses that have at least 4 stars or higher. These positive reviews give the potential customer a feeling of trust and security in their decision to purchase.

Reviews Can Help Your Business Improve Too

As you read through all the reviews your business receives, you’ll learn of new areas needing improvement. Take these types of reviews as constructive criticism and use them to help improve your business. It’s free market research to help you better know your customers and what you can do to better serve them! Reviews can help your business in many ways.

For more data and statistics on the impact reviews can have on your business, check out this infographic from Invesp:

infographic about reviews

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